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About Efruitmandi

Efruitmandi is a locally owned and operated technology based supply chain company, which aims at offering fresh produce from farms to your chosen destination. We aim at providing you end to end solutions for the freshest, nutritious, and most the delicious Kashmiri fruits. With a healthy partnership with over 200 farmers, we are able to bring t fresh produce of Kashmiri apples, cherries and pears to start with.

We are on a mission to connect farmers with buyers by adopting sustainable practices and effective use of technology, which improves the condition of farmers as well as the experience of buyers.
We aim to achieve this through continuously connecting with more farmers and making their products available to buyers via easy to use technological tools like apps, SMS and more.

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Ubair Shah
Ubair ShahFounder/CEO
Aasim Iqbal
Aasim IqbalCo-founder

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Lassipora, Pulwama Jammu and Kashmir

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